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From simple business contribution to the in-depth integration of our solutions, Expernova has been at the heart of an active ecosystem of partners for several years. Joining the Expernova partners means benefiting from our technical tools, our follow-up to best support you, and together offer ever more innovative solutions and services!

You are:
  • Publisher or integrator of Innovation management software

    Complement your offer by providing high added value to your customers, while differentiating yourself in relation to your competitors.

  • Publisher or distributor of scientific information

    Promote your content in innovative ways and reach new users with high potential.

  • Consultancy firm

    Complement your reports, push your studies and offer your clients innovative services.

  • Independent consultant in innovation

    Add to your portfolio of innovative services to better support your customers.

  • University or research institution

    Promote your expertise and deliver your content to industry players with high potential.

  • Business contribution

    During missions, trade fairs or prospecting, you identify future Expernova users!
  • Resale

    You add Expernova services to your product catalogue or you integrate them directly into your solutions with the help of our technical tools (API, connectors, etc.).;
  • Distribution of content

    Thanks to our connectors and tools, we reference your content or you reference ours. Together we promote that content to new users through our innovative services!
Our Partners
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