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A unique technology

The service is based on a unique, proprietary technology.

A strategy of continuous innovation

Expernova pursues a strategy of continuous innovation in order to continually improve its technologies.

The fruit of a Research project in partnership with the CNRS, the University of Montpellier 2 and the Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics of Montpellier (LIRMM), Expernova technologies addressing the challenges of Big Data, rely on innovative approaches to Data Mining and Semantic Web and allow the skills of experts to be automatically mapped by exploring and crossing data of different types and sources.

Profiling scientific expertise

Expernova is capable of analysing millions of documents from various sources and databases, in order to aggregate the relevant information they contain.
Each laboratory, business or natural person present in the system therefore gets a unique scientific profile.
This profile allows you to access in just a few moments, the outlines of its expertise, but also to delve more deeply into its work and its specificities.
Fully recalculated at every update to be upgraded with new scientific advances or the arrival of new players in a field.

A unique database

The database on which Expernova relies is unique. Using no less than 50 types of scientific and technical documents, various web content, and from more than 250 data sources, it gathers a constantly growing number of expert profiles, businesses and research institutions.

The Expernova database in figures

  • 10 000 000

    Expert Profiles

  • 40 000 000


  • 30 000 000

    Scientific and Technical Documents

  • 150 000

    Institutions, Start-ups and Innovative Businesses

Our data sources include

  • Research Institute Databases (NASA, MIT, Fraunhofer, ...)
  • National Scientific Databases (Danish National Research, Libris SwePub, ...)
  • Open Access Databases (HAL, DiVa, E-Revistas...)
  • Thematic Databases (MedLine/PubMed, INRA, ...)
  • University Databases (University College of London, Hong Kong University, ...)
  • Project Databases (Cordis FP-7, FP-6, ...)
  • Patent Databases (European Patent Office, USPTO, ...)
  • And others.

Our scientific partners

cnrs um2 lirmm
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