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Discover Expernova, your search engine for innovation.

Enhance your R&D with the features of Expernova ! develops a unique web service to optimise the management of your scientific and technological partnerships.

Expernova, a comprehensive tool for the identification and analysis of scientific skills

Search for a skill or a technology and access in a few seconds a simplified latest development on the subject (players, documents, networks, patents, projects, etc.)

Expernova Search Engine

Access rich skills profiles of experts updated each month: key skills, associated works, contact details, etc.

Skills Profiles

Browse the collaboration networks, compare the subjects and skills of research centres, universities, businesses or start-ups.

Collaboration Networks

Capitalize on your improved understanding of your research environment, take part in new challenges.

My Ecosystem

Follow the evolution of your environment, your R&D ecosystem, the skills of your partners or your competitors through the Monthly Reports

Monthly Reports
Our added value
Structure your internal processes
Identify new opportunities
Expand your collaborative networks
Increase productivity !
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