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Collaboration networks

Mapping of global collaborative networks

Identify the relationships between players on your research themes and stimulate your partnerships.

Identify, Understand, Compare

View the collaborations between individual experts, or choose to see only the partnerships between public laboratories and private players, etc.
With Expernova, you can select the most relevant level of analysis on your research problem.
The tool allows you to identify the partners of an expert, but also to target very quickly the work that they have carried out in common.
Collaboration network example

Technological and Strategic Monitoring

Has a historical partner already worked with a competitor ?
Is a competitor in the process of positioning itself on a new research topic ?
Who are the most connected players and therefore potentially the most influential ?

Highlight the collaboration networks in your environment on a global scale, and do not let an opportunity for innovation pass by.

Extend your Networks

Explore the collaboration networks of experts, laboratories or even of businesses and identify new opportunities thanks to a broad knowledge of your innovation ecosystem. My Ecosystem

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