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My Ecosystem

A panorama of the key players and their connections in your research environment

Map out your R&D environment and be proactive in your collaborative innovation projects

My ecosystem

Map your ecosystem as you know it: find your current partners on Expernova.

Scientific fields

Activate the suggestions
<span  >Activate the suggestions</span>

Extended networks

Obtain an extended panorama of key actors in your environment, on a global scale

Structure your approach

My ecosystem allows you to view at a glance a map of the relationships between the players that you have selected, working on your main scientific and technological areas of interest or on different R&D projects.

You can thus very easily model and visualise your complete R&D ecosystem.

There is nothing stopping you from integrating historical or potential partners, leading players and opinion leaders, or even your competitors !

Target your approach

My Ecosystem automatically suggests potential partners to you, on the basis of your existing relationships. This mapping may be a first step toward the identification of new opportunities for innovation.

Develop your networks

With My Ecosystem you can choose to show only the relationships based on patents , scientific publications or even the decision to participate in collaborative projects: the tool adapts to your needs to suggest to you only the most relevant information about your problem.

Identify and Contact the best expertise, before your competitors!

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