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Scientific Profiles

Automatically updated each month.

Full profiles detailing each actor’s skills, articles, conferences, patents, networks and projects

Full Profiles

Each research laboratory, business or physical person present in the system has a unique scientific profile;
It provides you with an overview of the actor’s areas of expertise, access to their scientific works and patents, as well as a mapped network of interconnected relations within the field of their research.

Several levels of analysis

Each identified expert’s profile is associated with their research centre, which is in turn associated with a university department (in the case of a "public" expert) or the R&D division within their company ("private" case).
Highlighting  these affiliations allows the skills to be placed in a specific organisational context.

Is an expert well connected? What are the other skills within their team? Do they have an international network based on co-publications?

Save time by directly contacting the most relevant players to your research issue .

Each scientific profile contains

  • The research subjects on which the expert / the organisation has published work
  • Their area(s) of scientific expertise 
  • Their  scientific and technical publications and patents
  • A map of their collaborations (internal and external)  

And more...

Export data

…in a meeting, prepare an exhibition or a presentation, or even forward them to the members of your team.

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