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Expernova Search Engine

Global scientific expertise only a click away !

A search engine to obtain simplified latest developments and identify R&D partners

Search, Sort and Compare !




Increase efficiency


A single search field for all your subjects. The Expernova algorithm automatically classifies the results to offer you the best experts, the relevant documents or even the collaborative projects most likely to interest you. Accelerate your innovation partnerships 


The Expernova search engine gives you access to
10 million expert profiles,

30 million scientific works, 40 million patents,
and 150,000 R&D centres, innovative businesses, SMEs & start-ups,
in more than 450 scientific domains.

2 million concepts indexed !

Facilitate your latest developments by highlighting the scientific publications and patents published by the most innovative players on your research topics.
Save time with Expernova !


Working with the best skills wherever they may be found globally has become a necessity of the modern era    

Our proprietary Data Mining technology aggregates content on a global scale (Europe, Asia, North America).

Choose to display only the results of one Country, a key geographical area or take a step back by displaying a global panorama of players and publications on your research topic !
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