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Pharmaceutical & Biotech

The pharmaceutical industry is at the heart of a particularly complex regulatory and competitive environment...

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Energy & Environment

Open and collaborative innovation is a key issue for this sector. The innovative businesses, to improve performance in their processes, face the need to structure their R&D partnership strategies...

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Chemical & Material

The Chemistry and Materials industry now faces two major challenges: preparing itself for scarce resources, and improving and securing industrial processes...

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Transport & Defense

Emissions growth, vehicle recyclability, safety and improvement of engines (including thermal and electrical), are among the main R&D issues in this sector. The integration of increasingly sophisticated computer devices in mass-market vehicles is also central to many R&D process...

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The Agri-Foods industry today is faced with new key issues, related to the increase of the population and the increase in world demand...

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Consumer Goods

Differentiation by price being no longer necessarily synonymous with success on these highly competitive markets, the businesses are distinguished today by proposing innovations both in the industrial manufacturing processes and in the design of the products...

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IT & Services

Information Technology is changing very fast; it penetrates and transforms our practices...

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