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Innovation in Chemical and Material

Bringing together sectors as diverse as agricultural products, cosmetics, paints, industrial gases, petrochemical products, textiles, metals, plastics or even biomaterials, the Chemistry and Materials industry now faces two major challenges: preparing itself for scarce resources, and improving and securing industrial processes.

Innovation has become strategic: many key industries (Engineering, sciences, etc.) are indeed dependent on scientific advances in the chemistry and materials sector.

Developing renewable chemical products and environmentally friendly materials

Incorporating an environmental dimension to the processes has become crucial - we speak of "eco-design". These processes are now thought to be more energy efficient, while ensuring a high level of security.

Much of the breakthrough innovations in this sector benefit from transversal skills, sometimes far from the heart of the industrial business.

Increasingly important collaborations

The sharing of knowledge and expertise has become a necessity; we are seeing a growing number of calls for collaborative projects and increasing success of the trend towards Open Innovation.

This involves structuring R&D partnership strategies, and the in-depth analysis of the ecosystem that surrounds the players in the research, whether basic or applied.

What industrial safety expert can come in as reinforcement on the large-scale production of a newly synthesised molecule ?

Responding to these new challenges requires expansion of its field of competence, and a great agility for any business that is treading new ground.
How then do they avoid being limited in their approaches to innovation? Simply by the use of suitable tools.

New tools for new businesses

Expernova allows you to target a subject, a research centre, or even a technology and to display a full panorama of the stakeholders, but also to highlight the works and patents filed, in order to identify the expertise which can be lacking.

Whether you are at the exploratory phase or at the end of the process, Expernova allows you to equip your processes to increase productivity, expand your collaboration networks and seize new opportunities.

Our mission today involves following the evolution of the sector in order to support you in the realisation of your state-of-the-art analysis and in the selection of your future partners.

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