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Innovation in Consumer Goods

The consumer goods sector includes mainly the textile industry, furnishings, personal care products, capital goods, luxury products, and all processes in connection with the traceability and the packaging of these products.

Differentiation by price being no longer necessarily synonymous with success on these highly competitive markets, the businesses are distinguished today by proposing innovations both in the industrial manufacturing processes and in the design of the products...

Innovation therefore appears as a major driver in the creation of added value.

Follow the new trends and collaborate around relevant R&D projects

"Intelligent" fabrics, nano-fibres, manufacturing processes respectful of externalities, eco-responsible personal care, etc. the consumer goods sector today faces new challenges.
These projects are as much an opportunity for collaboration in Research & Development, because they involve varied skills and expertise, not necessarily available internally.

Developing its R&D partnerships has become crucial when it comes to breaking out of its core business, to innovate and respond to new expectations.

Which business at the forefront can I integrate in my consortium for the creation of a new "Intelligent Textile" ?

How do I find a local expert able to support me in the adaptation of my cosmetic product on the Asian market ?

Today many businesses in the sector are asking these questions, but are sometimes hindered by a lack of perspective on the players that make up their scientific and technological environment.
How then do they avoid being limited in their approaches to innovation? Simply by the use of suitable tools.

New tools for new businesses

Expernova allows you to target a subject, a research centre, or even a technology and to display a full panorama of the stakeholders, but also to highlight the works and patents filed, in order to identify the expertise which can be lacking.

Whether you are at the exploratory phase or at the end of the process, Expernova allows you to equip your processes to increase productivity, expand your collaboration networks and seize new opportunities.

Our mission today involves following the evolution of the sector in order to support you in the realisation of your state-of-the-art analysis and in the selection of your future partners.

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