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Innovation in IT & Services

Information Technology is changing very fast; it penetrates and transforms our practices: telecommunications, logistics, human resources, consulting, consumer services, financial and banking services and even the public sector are strongly affected by technological developments.

New issues emerge: service quality, client relationships, security of personal data, etc. and with them, new constraints.

Follow new technologies and organise a partnership approach based around R&D projects

Technologies for mass data processing "Big Data", data sharing "Open Data", and data storage such as Cloud Computing are at the heart of the evolution of the sector. They allow savings in terms of cost, storage capacity and ease of use. The management software is also evolving with new online interfaces, more dynamic and directed toward Business Intelligence functions.

All service sectors, both individuals and businesses, are strongly affected by these changes: organisational or strategic consulting, logistical services or human resources, financial and banking sector, etc. but also in the public sector, where the trend towards Open Data or online training (MOOC) are particularly encouraged by governments.

To follow these trends and remain competitive in this technological race, many players develop their R&D partnership strategies in order to support their innovation on these key subjects.The increase in calls for collaborative projects on these topics also demonstrates the growing importance of Open Innovation on these issues.

Structuring its R&D partnerships and deepening the understanding of its research and development ecosystem has therefore become a major challenge for this industry... however, certain businesses are still struggling to initiate these processes. So how can they go further ?

Simply by the use of suitable tools.

New tools for new businesses

Expernova allows you to target a subject, a research centre, or even a technology and to display a full panorama of the stakeholders, but also to highlight the works and patents filed, in order to identify the expertise which can be lacking.

Whether you are at the exploratory phase or at the end of the process, Expernova allows you to equip your processes to increase productivity, expand your collaboration networks and seize new opportunities.

Our mission today involves following the evolution of the sector in order to support you in the realisation of your state-of-the-art analysis and in the selection of your future partners.

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