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Innovation in Pharma Biotech

The pharmaceutical industry is at the heart of a particularly complex regulatory and competitive environment :

The high Research and Development costs, the difficulty of validating the placement on the market of a new drug, while the growing pressure from generic drugs requires industry players to maintain a strategy of continuous innovation.

Complex and costly R&D processes

The numerous phases upstream of the commercialisation of a drug (on average, fifteen years pass between the beginning of research and the placement on the market of a product) involve a varied panel of stakeholders. The means used for the development of a new drug justify the need to strengthen partnerships in Research and Development.

Collaboration at all levels of the Product development cycle

A pre-clinical research phase may sometimes require the intervention of academic researchers, skilled in exploratory research; Conversely, Phases II and III of the development rather involve diligent players in the industrial and operational profile.

Who will join me in developing a new biosimilar ?

An organisation and a strategy directed towards R&D partnerships

The need to call upon varied expertise not necessarily available internally therefore pushes the innovative businesses to structure their R&D partnership strategies.

The "Open Innovation" is developing rapidly in the pharmaceutical industry, so that certain groups henceforth rise from teams specifically dedicated to the identification of external skills, and the development of partnerships for innovation.

However, some businesses are still struggling to structure effective approaches to external partnerships.
How then do they avoid being limited in their approaches to innovation? Simply by the use of suitable tools.

New tools for new businesses

Expernova allows you to target a subject, a research centre, or even a technology and to display a full panorama of the stakeholders, but also to highlight the works and patents filed, in order to identify the expertise you need.

Whether you are at the exploratory phase or at the end of the process, Expernova allows you to equip your processes to increase productivity, expand your collaboration networks and seize new opportunities.

Our mission today involves following the evolution of the sector in order to support you in the realisation of your state-of-the-art analysis and in the selection of your future partners.

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