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Subscription to the Expernova platform

An intelligent web solution to identify, understand, compare and follow the leaders of innovation on your very specific subjects.

Subscription service plan : unlimited access to the platform

  • Annual subscription with unlimited access to the Expernova database
  • Accessible everywhere from your browser
  • Simple license or extended to multiple users
  • Connection via our secure servers (your data are protected)
  • An access code per user
  • Customised monthly reports
The Expernova database in figures
  • 10 000 000 
    Expert profiles
  • 40 000 000 
  • 30 000 000 
    Scientific & technical documents
  • 150 000 
    Institutions, start-ups and innovative businesses
52 countries covered
Data from 3 strategic areas for R&D
Europe + North America + Asia
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