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Expernova: What is it for ?

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« Following your scientific and technological environment is increasingly
complex and costly »

An explosion in the volume of scientific data (Articles, patents, publications, etc.)
A proliferation of information sources, distributed on a global scale.
The emergence of new countries and very dynamic players.
Interconnection of many scientific fields.

Organising and structuring its partnership approach has become essential to improve performance in its R&D projects.

This new situation complicates the analysis and mapping approaches of the research environment - broadly defined - of innovative businesses.

Having a good understanding of its research ecosystem is however a major challenge for innovative businesses, faced with the rise in power of collaborative innovation, and the need to expand its field of expertise in a highly competitive global environment. is a specially designed service for new fields of innovation: its many features meet today's critical issues.

Our added value
Structure your internal processes
Identify new opportunities
Extend your collaborative networks
Increase productivity !
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