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OPEN INNOVATION REPORT simplifies your competitive and technological intelligence processes.

Competitive intelligence is no longer a private domain, accessible only to commercial services or business development. Our Research and Development teams possess the necessary skills to identify your future competitors. The technologies change quickly and your potential future competitors could be university research centres, start-ups or a large group whose R&D projects remain currently unknown to you.

Mapping out of academic and industrial players…, to understand and follow their work and to decide if they present a potential competent partner or a competitor. 

The identification and monitoring of the collaborative networks of your competitors will also allow you to detect new forms of appraisal of your knowledge, and thus new areas of possible developments, as contemplated by your competitors. You can appreciate their dynamism on your science and technology topics, their involvement in exploratory collaborative projects or the international dimension of their networks of influence

Expernova allows you to easily identify and track your scientific or technological competitors in your core business or in emerging areas of R&D.
Identify your existing competitors
  • Explore their collaboration networks
  • Follow their research topics
  • Identify their strategic partnerships
  • Identify topics they are likely to position themselves on
Detect new players
  • Identify the new players positioned on a subject
  • Access related works
  • Capitalise on the knowledge of your external environment
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