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Find an expert or a scientific or technical consultant when confronted with a problem.


You encounter a major problem in an R&D project or production process which requires the help of an expert in order to find a solution.
It is impossible to have an in-house expert for every subject!
The costs associated with the solving a major operational problem in an R&D project, the delay in the launch of a new product or the blockage of a production process can quickly undermine your business. To avoid this consequence which all companies risk to face every year, it is necessary to establish an organizational structure together with fast and flexible processes for acquiring access to expertise. 
Expernova allows you to target specialists on specific topics Worldwide, in a matter of minutes.

Capitalising on the knowledge of your research environment allows you to save considerable time when you are faced with a pressing need for expertise. Quickly mobilising the right expert on the right project is a real challenge !


Do not wait to be struggling to implement simple and effective processes to access expertise. By identifying and locating the main players on topics related to your innovation projects you will be able to mobilise them quickly in the event of problems. With the search engine Expernova, you can easily map your scientific and technological environment, select and monitor the leading players.


Identify, qualify and easily contact the expert tailored to your specific need in just a few minutes. The Expernova service will allow you to access a ranking of experts and organizations, based on the skills sought, who you could call to your side to resolve your operational obstacles.

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