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Expernova allows you to easily structure your search for R&D partnerships

Whether you wish to maintain high-level expertise in your core business, consolidate a Leader position or even register in an Open Innovation approach, choosing your partners is a crucial step in an innovation process.

The search for a new partner is a long and costly process:
  • Identify and describe the expertise sought
  • Find sources of data
  • Identify the scientific works relating thereto
  • Aggregate these works by authors and research centres
  • Compare the players identified
  • Find their contact information, etc.

The criteria for selection of a future partner will depend on the type of operational needs but also the issues and constraints internal to your organisation.

For example :
- Scientific excellence will be preferred for an exploratory research project
- Geolocation is an obvious criterion for a project of implantation or specialisation on a market
- The international dimension of networks may help anticipate the ability of a partner to promote and disseminate the results or to evolve the standards
- Experience in collaborative projects can be a decisive criterion for integrating a partner in a consortium

The multitude of criteria to take into account complicates the partner research process.

Expernova simplifies your R&D partnership processes, allowing you to save valuable time and to focus on the research.

Challenge your existing partnerships

Without questioning their skills, because they have proven themselves in the past, it may be interesting to engage in a more objective partner selection process at the beginning of the project. There is a trend among businesses to prioritize working with previously identified partners: do not let the opportunity for a new key-partnership pass by identifying potential partners through Expernova.

Map your scientific environment

View a full panorama of Experts, Businesses, Research Centres, Start-ups, Universities and Clusters in your Research and Development Environment.

Access Scientific Profiles and Works

For players at the forefront of your subject, browse their collaborative networks and identify new potentially interesting players.
Compare skills and speed up your decision-making process.

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