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Identify technologies

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Expernova allows you to structure and simplify your technology monitoring processes.

Expernova allows you to specifically target technological players

You will need to be able to identify the players present on your topic, and then assess the level of implementation of their R & D work, for example, in terms of production of patents versus the participation in more exploratory work like the publication of academic articles in specialised journals, participation in conferences, or collaborative projects.

Expernova will allow you to very quickly identify these players and rank them with a technological focus. Structured profiles aggregating all the works of each player will allow you to compare the different players via the degree of application of their research and development work.
With Expernova, you can easily identify the most dynamic players in technology production on a global scale

Locate areas of expertise and research on a topic or specific skills

Highlight the most dynamic players in terms of patent production

Identify the technological players or start-ups via the presentation of products or technologies on their websites

Capitalise on the knowledge of these players; monitor the evolution of their work

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